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Iron Expenses Bridging Expenses In Australia

Nurses IRON/ Bridging Program expenses in Australia -YESTE

1.       How much it cost to do Initial AHPRA Assessment to get Decision letter?

Current AHPRA fee is-  $520 and you will get $150 back once assessment is done.

2.       What are the related costs regarding AHPRA decision letter?

You need to do international police clearance check with AHPRA recognised body Fit to work. For each country, you stayed more than 6 months will cost $149 and for 2 countries $298

3.       How Much it cost for Visiting visa or student visa application?

Business/ Visiting Visa fee-  $130- could study up to 3 months only

Student Visa fee- $550

4.       Do we need to take insurance and how much it cost?

You should take insurance from Australia to get better protection while studying in Australia.

There are visitors cover as well as Student cover.  You have option to choose cover from $11 per week to Au$50 per week depends on your financial situation.

5.       How much it cost for Australian Police clearance?

Australian Federal Police clearance cost $42. You can be applied from India using online form

6.       How much it cost for doing IRON/ bridging program in Australia?

Cost Vary depends on university & College. It can be $14000 to $15000 at this current market.  You will receive an invoice from college/ University and you should pay to college/ University directly

7.       What are the other costs involved during bridging program?

·         Flight- Au$500 to $ 900 depends on airlines and season

·         Accommodation- $ 600 to $900 per month depends on accommodation and area

·         Mobile sim- $10

·         Airport to accommodation taxi cost- $70- $150 depends on city and KM

8.       How to start a bank account in Australia?

All the shopping area will have a bank. Just go in there with your passport and address (No need address proof, they will start account in 10 min. Always ask for Visa card & online access as it needed for future and shopping.

9.       How much YESTE Migration Consulting charge?

We charge only $400 for providing support with decision letter, visiting visa and organising accommodation

10.   Is there any hidden charges?

We support you for organising accommodation, airport pick up and you need to pay to service provider directly.

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*Fees are as per today and it could change depends on market and Government regulations. Currency mentioned is Australian Dollar. As per current rate AU$1 = Rs 50